Baby Sunshine Blanket

OK, so I admit, I really enjoyed making my Moroccan Desert Blanket sooooooo much that I have made a new version.  I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t entirely sure what size it was going to be when I started, or how the colours were going to work, but just had to start it.

Crochet Baby Sunshine Blanket by Wool Monkey

This new one was a little bit quicker though and grew so fast that I didn’t have much chance to think about the colours.

For starters it was made using chunky yarn and it’s only baby/toddler sized.  Hence, it didn’t take me twelve months to make it, it took less than two weeks.

It was still very addictive to make though, I could happily have made it bigger!  Crochet Baby Sunshine Blanket by Wool Monkey

The stitch I used is the same as the stitch used in the Moroccan Desert Blanket, Houndstooth check, in three colours.  The only real difference is the yarn and the sizing.  I have written up the pattern for this one too though, for those of you who prefer quicker projects!


As this blanket grew, I realised that the colours were getting very bright.  Probably too bright for most adults.  But for kids it’s perfect. Eventually the colour pattern started to look a bit like a rainbow and my kids love it so much that I am now pondering making one for them.  Which of course would turn into two blankets for them as they fight over everything.

I do love working with bright colours, it’s a bit frivolous, but is really good for cheering you up on gloomy winter evenings.

The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Boston Sun, a chunky blend of cotton and acrylic and it gives the blanket a wonderful, slightly heavy, floppy feel to it. It’s not a commonly used yarn, but I would recommend you give it a go if you haven’t tried it before.  Youcould of course make the blanket in whatever you fancy.  But, chunky works well, as it grows so fast!

Here it is in all it’s finished glory!

Crochet Baby Sunshine Blanket by Wool Monkey


8 thoughts on “Baby Sunshine Blanket

  1. I love your Moroccan Desert blanket!! Then I found this- it’s so fun and vibrant that I want to make it too! Would you please tell me what brand of DK yarn you used for the Moroccan Desert blanket? I may have to order it. Thanks so much. I enjoy your work 😉


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

      I used a bit of mixture for my Moroccan blanket. Some of it was Hayfield Bonus DK, some of it was Patons diploma gold and some of it was Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. I tried to mix them up, to give a variation of yarns throughout. I would have preferred to use the same yarn throughout but have lots of random yarns at home and needed to use some up and these happened to be in the colours that I wanted.
      Sorry if that’s not too helpful, but I hope you make one anyway.
      Thank you
      Wool Monkey


    1. Hola, lo siento pero no hablo español. (He traducido esto usando google así que puede ser incorrecto). La manta usa una puntada “Houndstooth”. Pondré instrucciones en el Web site eventual. Hay un patrón disponible pero está en inglés. Gracias. Wool Monkey


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