Crochet V-Stitch

Step by step instructions on how to crochet the V-stitch.  This is the main stitch used in my Sweetie Pie baby blanket pattern.

I am going to assume that you are not a beginner crocheter for the purposes of this tutorial.  If you are a beginner and you get totally lost, then I would recommend either a bit more practice first, or a few more beginner lessons/tutorials.  This isn’t a difficult stitch, but does require a certain level of understanding.


The V stitch pattern, is pretty straightforward and only contains one repeated row of stitches.  There is an initial bit of set up first though.

So, go get yourself some yarn and a hook to play with and let’s have a go.

Create yourself something to work from first.  The V stitch works well when it is preceded by a row of double crochet first.  It doesn’t have to be double crochet, any stitch will do, but the double crochet gives a nice neat edge to work from.  I have done a short row of chains followed by double crochets to start.v-stitch-1


The set up row.  

Turn your work, work 3 chains  (these will count as a treble stitch).

You then start by working a tr2tog stitch into the first double crochet stitch on the row and the  3rd double crochet stitch on the row.


So, * yarn round hook and into first stitch,






pick up the yarn and draw it through so that you
have 3 loops on the hook.



Then wrap your yarn round the hook and draw through 2 of the loops on the hook, you will then have 2 loops on your hook.  Wrap the yarn again, miss one stitch out and go into the next stitch on the row, (the third), pick up the yarn and bring it back through, so you now have 4 loops on the hook.


Wrap the yarn again and draw through 2 of the loops on the hook, so that you have 3 loops left, then wrap a final time and draw through all 3 loops, to leave you with 1 loop and a finished stitch.


Next do, 1 chain stitch, then repeat the stitch v-stitch-6as above, from the *, working into the next stitch and the third stitch for each tr2tog, all along the row.




Try and end your row with 1 chain followed by 1 treble stitch into the last stitch on the row. Your finished row should look something like this.v-stitch-7


The rest of the rows.  

So, the rest of the V stitch rows are done in the following way, repeat over and over and over. That sounds boring I know, but it grows really quick I promise.

Turn your work and do 3 chains to start, (these count as a treble stitch).

Start your first V stitch by wrapping your yarn and working into the first chain space from the row below.v-stitch-8

Do the second half of your V stitch by working into the second chain space from the row below,v-stitch-9

and finish the stitch off as before.

Then do 1 chain then work then start working the next V stitch by working into the same chain space you have just used to start and the next chain space to finish.


So you can see that your V stitches start and finish in the same chain space each time.

Continue this across the row, ending with 1 chain and 1 treble into the last stitch. (This last stitch will be the 3 chain stitches from the beginning of the previous row, work into the top of them)v-stitch-11


You can then repeat this row as many times as you like, until you have a lovely V stitch fabric!


If you have struggled with any of this explanation please feel free to get in touch for more help.  Enjoy!

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