The Double Crochet Stitch

Here you can learn to crochet the Double Crochet stitch.  (This is called a single crochet in the USA).  It is one of the most basic stitches and very commonly used.  An absolute must if you want to learn to crochet.  It creates a lovely dense fabric, useful for so many lovely projects.

These notes are written for a right handed person, to switch them for left handed person simply mirror the images and exchange the words right and left for each other.


So, we will start with a length of chain stitches. If you don’t know how to do the chain stitch then please go have a look at my other tutorial for learning the chain stitch first.

The Chain Stitch – Crochet

Make a length of six chain stitches. double-crochet-1bThen, holding your length of chain stitches in your left hand, insert the hook into the second chain stitch.  The hook goes through the V of the chain stitch and under the bump at the back.



With the middle finger on your left hand, wrap the yarn over the hook, from back to front, then draw the hook with the yarn back through the chain stitch.




This will bring the yarn up onto the working area of the hook and you will now have two loops on your hook.




Next, wrap the yarn around your hook again, from back to front, and draw it through both loops on the hook.




You will then have one loop on your hook again and have completed your first double crochet stitch.


Insert your hook into the next chain stitch along the length and repeat the stages above to create the next double crochet stitch. Continue to repeat this for the rest of the chain stitches.  Make sure you do not work into the knot on the end of the row.  You should then have created a row of five double crochet stitches.  To count your stitches, count the number of Vs along the top of the row, but not the loop on the hook. In some patterns the chain you missed at the beginning of the row (shown here in green) will also count as a stitch, but your pattern will tell you if this is the case.


Are you ready for your second row?

In order to continue in double crochet and work a second row you need to create a turning chain first and turn your work. This is not complicated.

double-crochet-6So, first, create one chain. Simply wrap the yarn around the hook and draw it through the loop already there to create a new stitch. You then need to turn the whole piece of work, by rotating it in the direction of the arrow, so it is then on the left instead of the right.

Be careful not to drop your loop from your hook as you turn and make sure you keep your yarn in your left hand.

You are now ready to start the second row of double crochet. This time instead of working into the starting chains you are working into the top of the previous row of double crochet stitches.



Insert your hook into the first stitch, under the two strands of the V shape at the top of the stitch. Then, wrap your yarn around your hook and draw it back through the stitch, then wrap your yarn again and draw it through both loops on your hook.  You have completed a double crochet stitch again, just like before.



Continue to make a new double crochet stitch into each stitch from the previous row. Be careful you also include the last stitch which is easy to miss.

Once you have completed your second row count the stitches, using the V shapes on top.  You should still have five stitches.

To continue in double crochet simply repeat the steps above.  Turning chain, turn your work continue…

It will eventually look something like this:


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