Very, very soon there will be a plethora of useful information, video tutorials and technique hints and tips, here on this page.

Just bear with me for now, whilst I find the time to write it all.

In the meantime, go have a look at our pinterest boards, there are lots of useful links on there to things you might find helpful…

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Crochet V-Stitch

Learn to crochet the V-stitch.… Read More Crochet V-Stitch

The Chain Stitch – Crochet

Start at the beginning and learn how to crochet a chain stitch.… Read More The Chain Stitch – Crochet

The Double Crochet Stitch

Learn to do the Double Crochet Stitch.… Read More The Double Crochet Stitch

The Tension Square

Is knitting a tension square really necessary?… Read More The Tension Square

Wool Monkey Crochet Stitch Convertor

Crochet Stitch Conversion

How to easily convert Uk and USA crochet stitches.… Read More Crochet Stitch Conversion